#Skillmillstories With Viviane Wild About Commercial Photography

#Skillmillstories are back and this time we had interviewed an accomplished commercial photographer – Viviane Wild. Viviane specializes in corporate branding and employer branding with a focus on the authentic portrayal of people in their environment. She has spent more than 10,000 hours while photographing commercial projects and is now ready to share her experience with Skillmill Journal readers.

How long have you been working in the photography field?

I´ve been working as a freelance photographer for 6 Years in Berlin. However, I have more than 20 years of experience in the field. I studied photo design in Dortmund and then worked as an Art Buyer in advertising. Later on, I became a photo editor until I started my own business in 2014.

Creation by Viviane Wild
What is the most memorable event that happened while you were working?

When I grew beyond my limits at my first big advertising shoot with a team of 8 people. Here, I didn’t have the feeling of working but rather being in the flow – entirely with the subject and entirely in my passion as a photographer.


What are the main 3 things that you’ve learned since the start of your career?

To move with the time, to develop further, and to follow new possibilities and paths that are rather unusual for a photographer. Since the market is constantly changing, the biggest challenge today is to adapt to the market as a photographer.


What are the 3 tips that you would give to someone who is starting their career in the photography field?
  • Only do the job if you are passionate about photography.
  • Realize that the job as a photographer is more than just taking pictures – photography only accounts for 30% of your daily job.
  • Learn from the best – assist, do an apprenticeship or study photography. Get to grips with photography. A photographer is only someone who knows how to deal with the light!


Creation by Viviane Wild  
How do you find work and inspiration?

I find work by making it clear to myself who my customers should be. I get this through contacts, cold queries over the phone, portfolio appointments and through advertising agencies. Besides, I draw my inspiration from the portfolios of other photographers or magazines. Partly from photo exhibitions which I like to visit.

–– Viviane Wild

How do you challenge yourself to become a better photographer?

By looking at my work over and over again and thinking about what I can change and do better next time. I often talk to colleagues about my work and we give each other feedback and encourage each other. Exchange of feedback with other photographers is very important and essential to me.


Creation by Viviane Wild

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