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Friction Collective

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Friction Collective is a Bristol based media production house.

Video is now one of the most powerful and versatile promotional tools and if executed intelligently with a stylish, character driven and
compelling narrative, will powerfully individualize and strengthen your brand and deliver a substantial return on your investment.

That’s where Friction Collective comes in, they love stylishly and clearly crafting your message into every film they make and
every photograph they take. It’s at the heart of Frictions philosophy.

Through methodical research and process and by working as a collective, Friction use the strength of a multi skilled team to develop for you a personalised, meaningful
and captivating message, always aiming to create the next big idea to drive new audiences to your brand and story.

And with the Collective knowledge and understanding of the power in social media will support you with the promotion and analytics of your media
across multiple platforms, further helping you make the most of your campaign.