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Luciana Torre ART

    About me

    Hello! I am a kaleidoscopic artist and I enjoy finding beauty in simple everyday things.
    My name is Luciana Guadalupe Torre, I was born in Argentina on a Thursday in the fall and I express myself by drawing for as long as I can remember. I live in the fascinating Tuscany where I see, smell and taste beauty every day.

    I have a degree in Fine Arts and also in Graphic Design. I permanently continue my professional training with specialization courses in various disciplines and techniques related to illustration and design. I currently work as a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer.

    I love creating art that embraces the soul. My works are special combinations between matter and my sensitivity, and they carry within themselves a large part of my inner world.

    My intention is to arouse emotions with my work, bringing harmony and color to people's lives through my paintings and illustrations, hand painted ceramics and personalized mandalas.

    I like to go to the sea when it is cloudy, I love reading and drinking mate, practicing yoga and enjoying the perfume of my jasmine. And you know what? Try as I might, I always hang my pictures crooked!

    I love colours so much to the point of wearing my hair purple but above all, I am fascinated by the subtlety of the details! They spark my imagination and are my whimsical source of inspiration.

    If you are also enchanted by the hues of autumn leaves or a handful of pistachios,
    if you like to imagine visual stories in the reflections of a puddle of water...

    You are welcome to this small visual universe.
    Enjoy it!