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SOFT GLITCH IV | Aria Anastasiou

SOFT GLITCH III | Aria Anastasiou

SOFT GLITCH II | Aria Anastasiou

SOFT GLITCH I-A | Aria Anastasiou

We could, in some certainty, say that when we dream our brain scrambles through the subconscious allowing all these experiences [lived, thought of, or even non-existent] to come forth. We could as well say, when we dream our existence shifts through other dimensions experiencing life there - or maybe is this life we experience now just a dream we are having while we are actually existing on one of those dimensions? Or maybe it is an overlay of all our experiences, from our awaken state in this dimension and every other possible conscious and subconscious experience we might not knowingly go through on these other planes of existence? Past, present and future all existing at the same time. In these moments, our experience goes through a glitch phase.