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Boris, Bo for short, is a yoga teacher. His yoga style is calm and powerful at the same time. Imperfection is lovingly integrated. He conveys lightness in a playful way. I want to express all of this with the design of his logo.

It is appropriate to use the expressive shape of the logo also as a contour cut for the business cards. The black frame connects the front and the back of the card with a cutting edge that is also black. To support the design concept, it was printed on cotton paper. This makes the business card feel stable and at the same time very soft.

For an alternative business card with a surprise effect, I designed a tea bag packaging for an ayurvedic tea. The tags are labeled with Bo's favourite sayings. :-)

The clear colour and design language of the logo leaves plenty of scope for use on various materials with a wide variety of printing techniques and also in a small size.

The frame of the logo can be adjusted as desired. It can also be used as a branding or template for social media postings.

Alternative logo designs

Conception & design: Larissa Spindler Year: 2020 Font: Krona One Photo credits: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.com, GraphicBurger