Creatives are the driving force of our culture, and the motor behind its ongoing evolution.

They are the ones who infuse the world with life.

About Skillmill

Skillmill is a social network market and a business platform for creative talents, their services and products. It provides unique opportunities for creative minds.

Users can present their profiles and skills internationally on the platform, find customers, accept jobs, start their own projects, and sell their products.

A complementary mix of digital market and networking systems lets users build up highly efficient networks with little time and effort, and supports them in realizing their true potential. Skillmill represents a new way of working together and forms the basis for a successful career and a fulfilling work life.


Skillmill - Linking Talent with Opportunity
Marketplace for Creative Talents
Skillmill’s vision is to create an international marketplace for all cultural and creative industries. A cross-sector, digital interface for creative work, art, culture, and business with the goal of connecting art and culture creators with each other, as well as with employers, private clients, and business customers.
Virtual networks have the potential to create real value in our lives by helping us find projects, jobs, like-minded people, and project partners while we at the same time experience personal fulfillment and professional success.
Skillmill is open to anyone, free of charge, who wants to link up with the arts and culture scene.
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