Creatives are the driving force of our culture, and the motor behind its ongoing evolution.

They are the ones who infuse the world with life.

About Skillmill

Skillmill is a social network market and a business platform for creative talents, their services and products. It provides unique opportunities for creative minds.

Users can present their profiles and skills internationally on the platform, find customers, accept jobs, start their own projects, and sell their products.

A complementary mix of digital market and networking systems lets users build up highly efficient networks with little time and effort, and supports them in realizing their true potential. Skillmill represents a new way of working together and forms the basis for a successful career and a fulfilling work life.


Skillmill - Linking Talent with Opportunity
Marketplace for Creative Talents
Skillmill’s vision is to create an international marketplace for all cultural and creative industries. A cross-sector, digital interface for creative work, art, culture, and business with the goal of connecting art and culture creators with each other, as well as with employers, private clients, and business customers.
Virtual networks have the potential to create real value in our lives by helping us find projects, jobs, like-minded people, and project partners while we at the same time experience personal fulfillment and professional success.
Skillmill is open to anyone, free of charge, who wants to link up with the arts and culture scene.
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Max Hareiter
Founder and CEO
Max is founder and CEO of Skillmill. He began establishing the company and online platform for cultural and creative industries in 2016.
Prior to this, he was busy founding Ca’ P’a – Casa Privata, a boutique hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy, including overseeing its full refurbishment. After several years managing the hotel, he moved to Paris and began a collaboration with French agency for luxury holiday apartments. The desire to return to Austria eventually overcame him, and he began working as a project manager for a variety of projects, including in the fields of architecture, design, photography, and landscape design.
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Ute Leonhartsberger
Founder and Creative Director
Ute is founder and Creative Director of Skillmill. She is deeply involved in numerous fields and platforms – including music, fashion, and the arts. Her curious nature and desire to tell stories have led to her being happily active in media and communication for over 15 years now. Before joining Skillmill, Ute worked for a number of leading online agencies serving major international clients.
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Robert G. Neumayr
Back End Team Leader
Robert studied musical theater at the Performing Arts Studios Vienna. After he graduated, engagements took him to the Raimund Theater, Theater der Jugend, Opera Graz, Volkstheater, and the underground theater scenes of Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Bolzano, and Ljubljana. For the past several years he has been engaged primarily as an author and director. To balance things out, he also freelances as a software engineer under the name „“.
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Sergey Skutin
Front End Team Leader
Sergey is an experienced senior full-stack developer specialized in building modern web applications, attractive and user-friendly on the front end and powerfully and fast on the back end. Before becoming a member of the Skillmill team, he worked as team leader and project manager on several different international projects. Sergey is a highly talented developer, able to skillfully turn complex tasks into squeaky clean source code.
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Juste Galminaite
Digital Marketing Manager, Community Coordinator
Juste has graduated from the university in the United Kingdom where she was studying marketing. During her studies, she has always been interested in digital analytics, social media, and SEO. Thus, after her graduation, she decided to continue her career in the digital marketing sector. Before joining the Skillmill team, Juste worked in the market research and management sectors.
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Arnas Mikulskis
Senior Marketing Manager
Arnas’ creativity has always been connected to the ecommerce world.
At the age of 16, he opened his first company where he and his team helped their customers in Lithuania to order items from any shop in the world. They were the first of their kind.
Then, after enrolling to Vilnius University, he gathered a new team and started building websites. They would often completely rehaul their client’s website to increase the sales two-fold.
To counterbalance the enterpreneurship life, he also occasionally shoot some comedy or travel videos.
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