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    About me

    Creative Web Designer in love with Web, UX & Mobile Design. I deliver engaging design stories, optical pleasure, and above all, action!

    For more then a decade I've been building quietly on the principles that got me started – simplicity, collaborative thinking, content-driven, and problem solving.

    For me design it's less about fancy words and more about clean and shaven communication by any means. It's about converting and translating your message into something aesthetically pleasing and easy to grasp by anyone. My job is to add my design expertise to my clients'​ business expertise and design a solution that accomplishes their goal. I love doing it. I want to help you love it too.

    Design solves a problem within a set of given constraints. I solve brand problems. By creating effective and impactful digital experiences for startups, agencies and businesses. Big or small, web or print, I got you covered. My special super-power is graphic web-design. Pixel or ink, I deliver engaging stories, optical pleasure, responsive design and, above all, action!

    Now that you know me, I want to get to know you too. Understand your particular language, fathom your questions and give a visual response to the world in your own original voice. Every great design starts with a conversation. Please browse my portfolio with focus and your best glasses, that's where my years of experience and my good ways are shown properly. And, yeah, do call me later!