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Andre Levy


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    Andre Levy Silva also known as Zhion is a pop illustrator and visual artist based in Frankfurt, Germany. His works translate complex concepts in simple and iconic images, edged by contemporary cultural references and a provocative sense of humor. Over 15 years experience in advertising and communication design both in Brazil and Germany add versatility and a universal approach when compressing his ideas (and others’) into strong visuals.

    As a visual artist, Zhion’s concepts go beyond the apparent superficiality of his “fun” pieces, always challenging the viewer to read the sub-lines and encouraging critical thinking towards social conventions and norms.

    With main focus on digital illustration, Zhion expands his possibilities by constantly experimenting with the more traditional drawing, sculpting and printing techniques. Lowbrow, surrealism, pop art, comics and urban art movements are visibly some of his biggest aesthetic influences.

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