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    About me

    Founder of IDEABAR Studio, an Architecture and Creative Design studio based in Paralimni, Cyprus, established in 2015. Formed by an intrinsic need to make an aesthetic impact, the studio provides interdisciplinary work across Architecture, Art, Creative Direction and Design.

    I am interested in the aesthetics, the visual aspects of life, in what lies beneath the appearance of things and spaces. In a constant pursuit for details and aesthetic sophistication. I am interested in the imperfect, the raw and honest. In creating spatial and visual narratives, exploring the ways they can unfold into a tangible form.

    Creativity is all about searching for what is missing. Creative work emerges from a meditative, process-ridden practice, where the narrative is composed through an intuitive exploration of the aesthetic language of simplicity and details. Details that are not directly visible, but emerge in the process of allowing the unpredictable to happen. Drawing from architectural background, there is a spatial order and textures arrangement that provide the functional basis for these narratives - both visual and spatial.