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    About me

    Joël Equagoo
    “From the nature to the event to the identity !

    creating the new step by step "
    That is how the artist Joël Equagoo thinks and creates.

    About the artist Joël Equagoo
 ☏ (+41) 32 558 45 45

    Joël Equagoo is a professional Artist and Art Instructor, living and working in Switzerland for over 20 years as an artist. He has always been creating since childhood. He was born in an artist and enterpreneur family. His art ranges from paintings, photography to landart and sculptures. He works with materials from nature, such as stones, wood as also with other materials such as metal, steel, ceramics, and others. He has been producing art in different styles including abstract paintings, Contemporary Art, textured painting, minimalist art and modern paintings for many years now. His work is exhibited on an on-going basis in several galleries and in many private collections.and can be viewed by appointment at our Atelier Gallery made-in-nature in Switzerland.

    About Gallery Made-in-Nature

    Swiss Gallery Made-in-Nature, Switzerland was opened in 2000. The gallery is specialized in young modern and comtemporary art such as paintings, sculptures, installations, photography and design. Thus far the gallery has organized exhibitions in Europe such as Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy and is using the art plattforms of internationally renowned online galleries and auctions. Our experience in art is your advantage. Feel welcome.
    Creative inspirations and experiences in and with nature are the result. You are welcome.