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Erik Brede Photography

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    What happens when an eleven-year-old boy sneaks for the first time into the darkroom of film development? He falls severely under the spell of this great magical world and since then his fate has been sealed with pictures of creativity.

    I'm an acclaimed photographer and digital artist with more than 30 years of experience transforming ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences, whose conceptual approach tends to utilise a wide scale of subjects in a multilayered manner.

    I was born in 1971 in Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands, Norway, where my photography journey started at the age of 11 after my father introduced me to the great magic of film development and post-production in his low budget darkroom. Even if the old analogue darkroom is replaced by Photoshop and Lightroom, my vision and creative ideas are still the same.

    My work has been exhibited and published in France, Italy, UK, the United States and Norway, and delivering unique, fine art photography to corporate, Healthcare, The Hospitality Sector, Cruise Ships and High-End Residences all over the world.

    I work hard to create artwork of the highest quality and take great care to assure quality in each step. In the unlikely event that the print should arrive damaged, or simply just don’t meet your expectation, I will make my absolute best to remedy the situation so that you can feel confident with your purchase.

    Find out more about my art, deals, edition, size and material at my official web site Erik Brede Photography. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


    This artist doesn’t just take a picture, he makes his own version of parallel realities where in fact, one click is never enough to explain our multidimensional existence. [ArtLimes, 2020]