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Giò Stefan

    About me

    I grew up as a passionate reader of the Corriere dei Ragazzi, an Italian children’s comic, illustrated by art geniuses like Hugo Pratt and Sergio Toppi.

    With my daughter, I share a passion for author cinema. We watch vintage films together, from Hitchcock’s to Fellini’s, from Tim Burton’s to Wes Anderson’s. We like to recognize, in the choice of characters and in the settings, the spirit of an era and the psychological characterization of the protagonists.

    In the series dedicated to the Cinema, the protagonist is a couple of Hollywood actors, caught up in the enchanted moment of an action or a dialogue. At the edges of the canvas, thoughts from the literature are superimposed, taking on a new interpretation in the painting.

    In addition to portraits of people, I also created “portraits” of cars and motorcycles, set in different urban backgrounds, and metropolitan landscapes, in which some well-known personalities from the world of music or show business are often represented.