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    -- Visual Artist b.1984 in Gdansk, Poland. Currently living and working in Liverpool, UK. /// His art is devoted to unconscious mind materialising it within artistical forms of automatism. Artist is strongly convinced that unconscious is the deepest source of creativity based on our experiences. /// Artist Statement: My exploration of Fine Art practice is concerned around Automatism, the especially automatic drawing which origins from Surrealism. I am using this technique to capture the thoughts and emotions in today’s social life. I think it is most relevant to our times; speed, information overload, losing humanist values on a favour of technology growth which is slowly but surely change us into robots. The binary-like system is stripping us from imaginary thinking and dreaming because there is simply no place for it in a 0,1 world. Everything has been turned into a commodity and we are just about to choose what we like from it to constitute ourselves and to create our world. Is that the end game solution? I am trying to go across and to visualize the stream of unconsciousness to see what my mind is recording on the field where consciousness has no access. I believe it is very important to find yourself within these actions as an artist. It is totally opposite for our structured consciousness, to act freely and with no doubt about consequences. In terms of my practice, I restrain myself from making any judgments or decisions (in the process of making) about an output I would achieve. I am trying to keep one continues line and tempo as well as to do not think about anything in particular which could distract me by bringing judgmental thoughts. The only thing which is important at this moment in time is the situation or a problem I am describing.