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    About me

    i am creative since 1996. i started with a very coolio job in munich and had so much fun at this time. in 2000 i started to be free, no more fulltime jobs. i had a very very cool time in munich at this time until i found someone i loved at this time and she lived in london. so i left munich and my friends started a new job there and it was the best thing i could did. london was so cool to me and the jobs just came like nothing. (including the bahamas for a small job)

    after 5 yrs i moved to austria because i was in love with someone from austria now. i started some jobs here in austria to work on ATOMIC, RED BULL, Svarovski, SOS Children's Villages, Bramac, Wein & Co and so much more until i started a great job in zurich where i worked 4 days a week. 7 month later i got asked if i would like to work for some clients in austria and i said yes because cummuting all the time makes you very tired.

    a few yrs later a got asked if i would like to work on some job for the BNP Paribas Fortis Bank in Brussels. After a few thoughts i said yes and it was again a very got time to work with random people on one project. after 8 month i quit because family and live is more interesting now than any job.

    since then i worked on several jobs for small and huge clients, my own clients and a lot of agencies.
    in between i flew to mumbai to work on some projects for JIO Reliance for 6 weeks.

    thats my about me
    i saw a lot and met a lot of people and love what i am doing.
    designing and listening to music while you work gives you a lot of jin jang.