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Nejc Kilar

    About me

    My name is Nejc Kilar and I am an experienced, award winning visual designer based in Slovenia, Europe. I focus on helping brands grow and stand out by creating inspiring computer generated images and animations for them so that they can reach, inspire and delight their audience.

    Enthusiasm towards anything visual design related is my driving force and one of my main motivators is the desire to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

    That particular desire led me to establish my own brand and work under my own "flag" as this way I can really focus on helping each individual client or agency I am working with. I consider my line of work both fun and challenging.

    My work is not created in a hurry and the attention to detail is key. I strive for perfection and uniqueness. The motto for my work is to achieve and surpass the client`s overall vision by creating added value that helps lift my client’s brand status and public image in any way possible.

    I realize the underlying reason for solving any kind of visual problem lies in the hopes of achieving a positive business outcome. In order to achieve that outcome I take time to get to know each and every client I work with.

    Only when we’ve figured out the exact underlying issue we are trying to solve, only then can we begin making art.

    We subsequently need to align the art we make with your goals.