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    About me

    Rodanthi Senduka is the Creative Director & Partner at Red Design Consultants and a Visual Artist, whose visual themes and interests rotate around the essence of Greece as a long-term study and pursue. “I love the light, the zest for life obvious in different occasions in our everyday life. The harmony and simplicity of the physical environment in contrast with the “buzzy” Athenian urban life is one of my favourite source of inspiration” she says. Both her personal artistic practice and her creative directing of Red Consultans are treated with tenderness, generosity, inherent balance yet excess in sentiment. The poetic schemes arising from her work, a tribute to loving and being with the unexpected of the everyday life, are visually and synthetically prominent in her work, from branding and other visual strategies to drawing and photography. Her personal work has been exhibited at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation at the ‘*etsi for the environment’ and ‘*etsi for Hellas’, the Chinese Embassy in Athens and the INNO Design, in Hong Kong with the yoyo bench.