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Investing creative power in architecture, design and various imaginative projects.
  • Architecture/Design


The company's unique name combines a simplified version of 'Steep', and 'Fold', conveying the idea of rejecting walls, floors and ceilings as separate entities, but rather continuation of each other, folding into one organism.

We have distinct approach to individual projects and concepts never repeat themselves, as a testimony to the fact, that single combination of particular location, environment and a customer is one of a kind.

Projects of any scale and subject matter are dealt with equal creative power and concept development is the most satisfying process for us.

Stipfold is not aiming for pleasing as many eyes as possible, but rather evoking viewer's curiosity regarding the work and its author and inducing strong emotional resonance, even when the object doesn't fit into the observer's personal aesthetics.

That being said, functional adequacy of the final work is a primary goal for us.

Keeping up with technological advancements is the quintessential aspect of the company's agenda, as we fully realize, that new materials and tools inspire and sometimes even dictate new forms and aesthetics.