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    About me

    I am a Game Art graduate who is looking for a job in 3D modelling, I specialise in creating vehicles but I am more than capable of creating other assets to the same quality. I am looking to expand my portfolio and create more licensed vehicles shortly.
    I have been an avid gamer since I’ve been able to hold a controller and it was this passion that made me want to pursue a career involving game development. I have a wide variety of tastes, RTS, FPS, RPG, racing games, fighting games, I appreciate them all, so being able to work alongside developers who create the content I love would be an honour and an amazing experience.
    I am a motivated, hardworking individual who will go to any length to ensure that my colleagues are always satisfied with my service. I have a friendly personality and a positive outlook on almost anything I come across. I work well within a team or a community based environment as I am very easy going and versatile. I am well presented and have no problem approaching those who seem as though they need help, I am always able to offer a hand as nothing is too much trouble.

    Technical Skills:
    • Autodesk 3Ds Max
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Marmoset
    • Substance Painter
    • Substance Designer
    • Unreal Engine 4
    • Zbrush

    I am familiar with having to pick up and learn new software on the go so adapting to new workflows is no issue at all.