The Discobolo

Photography Retouching Production Lighting

'discobolo' main image

Between skin and marble

the hand

The strength.

The discobolo on set.

My visual goal was to craft an original look that suggested a mixed feeling of skin and marble. The creative process started with studying the iconic figure of the Discobolo di Mirone, the world famous masterpiece of ancient Greek art that dates back to 455 BC. I preserved the exact position of the athlete in the marble statue, and transposed it to an athlete in the flesh. It all added up to the ideal subject to work my lighting for the best expression of my vision. The Discobolo project has been the perfect opportunity for me to explore the groundbreaking version of light occlusion provided by Lighttools Ultra Soft Egg Crates. Thanks to this new version of the legendary Original Soft Egg Crates, much charming shadow detail is available to the camera sensor, while the occlusion effect is still virtually the same. This is due to the 33% reflective fabric the Ultra Soft is made of. Technically, the mid-gray color combined with the thoroughly tested level of reflectiveness provide an amazing relationship between light occlusion and detail in the shadows.