Peniche Forte Competition

Architecture Architecture

Implantation plant

Ground Floor

1st Floor

2nd Floor

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Exterior view

Interior view

Interior view

Interior view

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This project represents a great challenge because of the characteristics of the existing building, beyond the complexity of a museum program. The decisions of the project were based on two fundamental approaches. 1 – The conviction that in this type of context Architecture must assume a contemporary and catalysing role, working as a reference, highlighting the importance of its formal autonomy without loosing the relationship with the existing building, according to continuity and reversibility principles. 2 – The careful analysis of the program, in order to define organization and maintenance strategies. The proposal is a clear gesture in the relation between the new program and the several existing buildings, thru the introduction of a new abstract volume, with simple geometries to store the permanent and temporary exhibition spaces. This volume provides the connections between the blocks B, C, F, cistern and pillboxes, where are located several permanent exhibition spaces. The new block, designed as “L” symbolizes Liberty thru its transparency. Some of the existing blocks are demolished, like D and G. The first because of its advanced decay state and also because it’s removal makes the fortress wall shape clearer. The second because it’s a secondary structure added in the 60’s attached to the fortress ravelin. The remaining blocks are partially demolished on the interior to obtain different space volumes and spatial relations between the exhibition spaces. The cistern and pillboxes are recovered and integrated in the exhibition spaces. The point is that the building represents a synthesis process, resulting in conquests of context enrichment.