Tape art and street art by Selfmadecrew

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"Art hoover"- tape street art by Selfmadecrew

Interior art by Selfmadecrew

Packing tape on a lightbox. 2018

Tape street art bench. 2012.

Tape art by Selfmadecrew

Abstract duct tape optical art by Selfmadecrew. 2016

"Berlin starry night"- duct tape art by Ostap

Tape art for AMG

"OMG"- Packing tape art. Lightbox. 120x100cm. 2014.

Tape art for AMG

Interior design by Selfmadecrew

Tape wall art by Selfmadecrew

Tape art interior design for Jaegermeister. By Selfmadecrew

Tape art for Gmail. Zurich 2016.

Street art out of brown packing tape by Selfmadecrew

Tape art for Google Play Event in Berlin. 2015

3D art object of duct tape rolls

Artwork made of duct tape only. 150x120cm. 2015.

Duct tape wall art by Selfmadecrew

Tape artist at work. Live taping show by Selfmadecrew

Wall art by Selfmadecrew

Here are some examples of the different kinds of tape art created by Selfmadecrew during the last five years. All works shown here were made only with the help of adhesive tape, such a duct tape or packing tape.

https://tape-art-ostap.com/tape-art/ https://tape-art-ostap.com/en/commercial-art-gallery/ https://tape-art-ostap.com/selfmadecrew/