Sina Weibo Self Media Award

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China's first self-media award In 2016, self-media, based on content value, data, economy, and community models, exploded. Countless new forces are competing and merging together. Where is the development of self-media taking us? How can we maximize the value of self-media marketing? Sponsored by, Weibo, Tianjin High-tech Zone and Xinbang, the Golden Frontier Award-China Self Media Creative Marketing Ceremony was held in Tianjin. Self Media elites and international brand advertisers from all over China. More than 500 industry leaders, including Internet opinion leaders, experts and scholars, gathered in Tianjin to share the most important event of the self-media era. Designed by the Portuguese design studio Vestígio, the award was inspired by famous lithograph of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher “The Hand with Reflecting Sphere” also known as “Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror”.