How to remain creative while working in a corporate world

Even though creative services are in demand in almost every industry, the majority of creative professionals have to work in a 9-to-5 job in various corporate institutions. Here, besides fixed working hours, they are surrounded by the same routine and environment every day, which can negatively impact the flow of inspiration and creativity. 


This is why it is important to understand and pay attention to various different factors that can strengthen creativity while working in a corporation.


Your office – your hub of inspiration

Creative professionals, just like other workers in corporate, are surrounded by the same four walls on a daily basis. Thus, it is essential to make those walls as inspiring as possible. The office could have relaxing decor elements, warm tones, things that bring positive emotions and create an overall stress-free environment. However, to get the most creative juices, the office space should be redecorated on a periodic basis.

Little things that matter

8 working hours can be really tiring and might eventually bring a creative block. Therefore, trying to add new things or experiences to the daily routine could be a perfect solution. For example, instead of having lunch at the office, try to go outside, walk in a park, buy yourself a good cup of coffee, have a chat with your friends while you have a free minute. All of these simple elements might give you those new ideas that are necessary for a new project at the office.


Understand that creative way of working is much more different

Most of the executives’ work in a corporation depends on the time that they spend doing specific tasks. However, this is not the case for creative professionals. Creatives’ work relies upon the thinking and the number of ideas they have in their head at that moment. Thus, do not push yourself to be constantly creative – this can take some time. In addition, while this might be clear to the professionals themselves, it is also important to discuss it with the upper management, which usually tends to be highly pushy and require good results as soon as possible.

“You’re not always surrounded by like-minded people, thus you need to truly understand the business you’re designing and at the same time become a design advocate and an educator, to bring everyone to the same page and spread the power of design to everyone you interact with. 

Only then, people will recognise your expertise and realise how much value you can bring to the table.”

–– José Torre

Creation by Dmitry Puzyrev
Don’t leave personality at home

While there are standard formalities and codes of conduct that each employee should follow, no good working environment consists of people who act exactly the same. This is why it is important for creative professionals to not try and copy the ways everyone around is acting and highlights their own charisma while interacting with others.

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