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The work "THE FLOWERED SKULL" evokes in its iconicity the symbol of the first man in the world "ADAMO", who lies in the Eden of the imaginary, where nature is a sacred guardian. He observes us through digital creative visualization, which is the technological means of a shamanic evocation with which it is we can really perceive. In this moment his and our vision unite to give shape to an immaterial feeling, but intimately necessary which is the pursuit of happiness. The flowering of roses is the wait for a happy time, which is hope that Adam will meet his Eve again, which is a symbol of humanity and knowledge. Adam is waiting to be born again for love as time passes, identified in the three representations of the work; The day, the day that meets the night, the night. Having said that, more than ever this work was born from the anomalous expectation of this strange period. Where the men of Adam await a new love meeting, immaterial with humanity-Eve. She is a new knowledge, conveyed in an immaterial and revolutionary digital conduit. It leads us to consider whether reality still exists in this virtual world with the work itself created.