Jason Gaffner - Feel Something (Out of the Loop)

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Out of the Loop is a 100 gifs in 100 days project, packed with 80s references. Like a huge easter egg, in every looping gif we hid references to movies, videogames and toys that made our childhood unforgettable. Can you spot all of them? HERE IS THE ONLINE QUIZ! gasta.org/gifmoviesquiz/ Check the full project at gasta.org/portfolio/outoftheloop/ or instagram.com/gastaloop Rules: - gradient - looping - 60fps - 2 seconds long, 120bpm - popping out from the borders - about 80s Music: Jason Gaffner - Feel Something soundcloud.com/jasongaffner facebook.com/JasonGaffnerMusic/ Animation: Gasta & Alcinoo gasta.org nicoladestefanis.com/