Hollywood Las Meninas

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Las Meninas - Diego Velasquez

'Hollywood Las Meninas' is a remake and remodel of a famous work by the 17th Century Spanish court artist Velasquez. My composition approximates the number and positions of characters in the original painting. Velasquez (a personal art hero of mine), remains and keeps his position. The format of the virtual room is based on early Pop Art collage works by Richard Hamilton (another art hero). Most of the other characters are famous for their work in Hollywood movies - part selected because of their fame... the 3 central characters because they are female and echo the Las Meninas group... and they are autobiographical references to cinema-related experiences in my youth. If the viewer can't work out who is who, please contact me via my website and I will be happy to provide answers and insights. My artworks can be printed on a variety of materials and have the potential to be produced in a range of sizes, including large scale production. I have 1000+ artworks in my portfolio - the majority were made in the past 4 years. Many can be viewed on my website www.coldwellandcoldwell.co.uk My artworks appear in Galleries, Corporate and Private Spaces, used as Illustrations for Printed and Digital Media applications (Books, Magazines, Advertising and Web) - Commissions Considered

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