DIT Pavilion

Architecture & Interior Design Project Management Architecture Modeling

The Pavilion of Moscow Information Technology Department is located in VDNH, at the intersection of Kolcevaya Road and Serenevaya Alley, east of the main road of VDNH. The realization of the pavilion follows the development concept for the territory of "Park Znaniy" in the context of a comprehensive landscape upgrade for VDNH.  MATRIX - conceptual carcass Information Technology pavilion, which forms the planning structure of exhibition space and thematic areas, visual and tactile image of the building.  The pavilion is a three-part structure with 3 flexible thematic areas: an exposition area, a business center and a kid’s area connected to the central communication space. Plastic complexity interprets the development morphotype of VDNH territory, forming the substance of three separate volumes.   Ledged thematic areas create open spaces for flexible use in the summer season [open exhibitions, lectures, workshops, kid's activities]. Open & closed spaces generate the model of urban organism, united by a common surface - SMART FLOOR. Smart floor creates new algorithms, promoting a thematic flexibility and variability, due to a permanent allocation of the connection points on the entire plane. Light navigation systems, engineering systems, electrical, lighting and heating are implanted into a single plate. On a visual level, the object manifests anonymity at the expense of a monolithic solution - the outer shell to the local implantation of light apertures. Light openings in the body of the building are accentuated with attention to spatial landmarks and impressions: the entrance hall, a landmark exposition area exhibit, a kid's center and a logistics center. Three deaf volumes identify three large openings designating and fixing the spatial location of the building.  The outer skin has its own identity due to concrete slabs that size 2000x1000 with plastic revealed pattern formalizing the aesthetics of the parent. Such plastics continue in the open space of the yard entrance group.