Paveletskaya HUB

Architecture & Interior Design Project Management Architecture Modeling

The redevelopment plan seeks to preserve the historic tradition of including park space in railway station squares, while also creating a new Aero Express terminal and developing hotels and business areas nearby. Four different territory interventions are consolidated in this proposal, connecting crowd flow from Paveletskaya Metro station, urban traffic, suburban/long-distance train and public transport traffic in a three-dimensional spatial system. The design of the park incorporates both vertical and horizontal geometry, redefining the “city square” with a topographic landscape that covers the infrastructure beneath it. Separate from the park, there will be underground space, hotels and apartments along with a new Aero Express Terminal. Creating a park in the area will not only preserve the character of the place, but also emphasize the role of the square in the city, incorporating it into pedestrian routes and creating a variety of spaces for outdoor activities. All commercial components of the project are located underground. The wings of this underground space are connected to a “logistics level,” which controls pedestrian and transit movement, and can be entered from the square.