Drone Pilot for Architectural Aerial Photography Sought and Found on Skillmill

MQ Libelle

The Skillmill team is beyond excited for all the collaborations happening on the platform. Hence, we have decided to share a success story of one of the first collaborations that have occurred on Skillmill. 

This case study shows how the architectural office O&O Baukunst used Skillmill platform and has successfully collaborated with Drone Project & Gecko4k.

O&O began their search for the perfect drone operator for architectural aerial photography in early January 2020. To find the right candidates, they have decided to try out the newly launched Skillmill platform.

Our job advertisement has attracted a lot of attention, and we had to choose between many high-quality candidates. We’ve enjoyed using Skillmill because it made applications’ handling process very clear and simple. Besides, Skillmill is a perfect platform for informed and quick decision making as we were able to see all applicants’ portfolios and their experience without necessarily contacting them and thus waiting for them to respond.

–– Willi Fürst from O&O Baukunst

After long consideration and lots of applications reviewed, O&O decided to select Drone Project & Gecko4k. Here is what Willi Fürst says about their team:

By posting our job opening on Skillmill, we were able to hire a super enthusiastic and flexible team – Drone Project & Gecko4k – that was dedicated entirely to the cause. Highly professional handling with all security standards and the best technical equipment. Extremely flexible order execution. The date was postponed several times first due to delayed construction work and later due to bad weather. When it finally took place, they easily stayed an hour longer than agreed to take photos in the evening mood. Overall, Drone Project & Gecko4k have exceeded our expectations, and we were pleasantly surprised by their work outcome.

According to the operators of the MuseumsQuartier (MQ) Vienna by the end of August 2020, the most beautiful cultural terrace in Vienna opens on the roof of the Leopold Museum. With free entry, MQ Libelle offers a view over the centre of the city to the Vienna mountains. Here you can find out more about the MQ Libelle.

The Skillmill team was also keen to find out whether Drone Project & Gecko4k enjoyed using the Skillmill platform as well. Here is what they said:

We love that Skillmill allows users to upload portfolios. Our portfolio got bigger exposure, and we received an amazing job from O&O Baukunst. The team and I also like the networking feature on Skillmill. It helps to get more connections easily.

–– Robert Smely from Drone Project & Gecko4k


Droneproject MakingOf 02
Creation by Drone Project

From the outset, Drone Project & Gecko4k recommended using a secure system such as the drone cable system. The drone was attached to a 25-meter rope coil, so no permit to fly was required. On-site, the team always made sure that the many onlookers kept the necessary safety distance.

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