How Creative Professionals in Different Fields Can Help Your Business

There are thousands of different creative professionals on Skillmill, so we thought we could provide a summary of how creatives from each field can help a business succeed.

Advertising – This includes just about everything necessary to run a business: branding, marketing, social media management, and much more. Hiring professionals in this field is truly vital for any business. Advertising specialists know how to acquire, retain, and convert customers from different platforms. And isn’t this crucial for most companies?

Architecture – If you have a brick-and-mortar store, restaurant, gallery, or office, architects will help create a façade and interior that will attract more customers. It’s no secret that customers spend more time in an atmosphere that stimulates positive emotions, that is aesthetic and cosy. A fresh design of your office, for example, can also make your team happier and more efficient.

Audio & Music – Music also draws in new customers. It makes customers feel good and causes them to stay and shop the store for just a little bit longer. Having a playlist that expresses your brand values and image is highly beneficial for any business.

Film & Video – It has been proven that videos have ten times bigger capacity to catch viewers’ eyes and convert them into customers compared to a simple photo. In other words, taking a product picture with your phone and posting it to social media won’t do the trick. Videographers can capture a brand’s story, show key features of a product, and inspire the customer to purchase.


Graphic Design – Graphic designers are now essential on any company’s team. Professionals in this field know how to create eye-catching advertisements, exciting content, and other graphic elements. In addition, graphic designers are also a huge part of the company’s overall branding process. They can create a memorable logo, product design, and visual identity that makes a business easily recognized.


Creation by Larissa Spindler

Performing Arts – This one is for companies that want to create a truly artistic and unforgettable experience for their clients. Imagine launching your product or service with an event featuring modern dancers or a theatre performance. This would definitely entertain your guests! We already feel the PR buzzing, don’t you?

Tape artist at work. Live taping show by Selfmadecrew

There’s no doubt live taping above caught guests attention during the event. What if the artist taped something for your customers during your opening event?

Photography – While a phone camera is sufficient in many cases, taking a picture that really inspires customers to purchase goes beyond that. Creative photographers know how to capture the moment and fully express the assets of a product. Most importantly, they can convey myriad emotions with a single image.


Creation by Dariusz Szwedo

Writing – While some people associate the word writer with poems and fairy tales, many writers are actually active in commercial copywriting. One of the most powerful strategies of today’s brands is storytelling. Who to write a better story than a writer?

Web & Software Development and Design – Especially in light of recent occurrences, having a well-developed website with flawless user experience is absolutely crucial for any company. And while some companies choose mainstream website building platforms, competitors can do the same. Can you imagine two competing firms with the same website? To avoid this scenario, hire an independent developer to create a truly unique website design for your company with lots of fun attributes.


Mobile Desing
Creation by Mario

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