Reopening Hotel Hires an Illustrator on Skillmill for Safety Measure Illustrations Project

While new creatives and companies are continually joining the Skillmill community, we are proud to share yet another success story of one of the collaborations that took place on Skillmill platform.

A team from the Casa Privata exclusive retreat had decided to look for an illustrator that could create safety measure illustrations for their reopening hotel. To find the perfect match for this position, the Casa Privata team posted their project on Skillmill.

“This is the second time when we post our project ad on Skillmill, and just like the first time – we are delighted with the outcome. Within the first few days, we’ve already received lots of applications, and we were able to see all portfolios in just a few clicks. Most importantly, we enjoy Skillmill unique approach to creative hiring. This platform allows us not only to review the creatives who applied for the position but also discover hundreds of other impressive portfolios. This is how our team has selected the perfect illustrator, Natalia Zaitseva.”

The Casa Privata team contacted Natalia directly via Skillmill messenger, and she agreed to collaborate with them in no time.

“Natalia understood our needs entirely, and she has managed to create a fantastic sketch within the first attempt. She was also extremely flexible and gave us lots of valuable tips that helped to improve the illustrations.”

Here is how the initial sketch looked like:

Creation by Natalia Zaitseva

After receiving this sketch, Casa Privata and Natalia exchanged some more ideas about how these illustrations could be improved. A couple of days later, they came to the final version of this project.

Here is how the final safety measure illustrations look like:


Creation by Natalia Zaitseva

Natalia was also very enthusiastic about this project, and she shared her positive review of Casa Privata.

“Working with Casa Privata has been a pleasure. They were very respectful and easy to talk to, which allowed us to collaborate and create the best possible design truly. There was also a great deal of trust involved on both sides, which added to the superb experience.”


Creation by Natalia Zaitseva

The Skillmill team also asked Natalia about her experience using Skillmill platform, and here is what she said:

“This was my first job through Skillmill, and it was a perfect fit. It confirmed my first impression of Skillmill being a classy website with serious job offers. I really like the clean design and how it focuses on showcasing a creative’s portfolio without any limitations.”

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