#Skillmillstories With Joao Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos About Architectural Project Handling

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During the third #Skillmillstories virtual interview, we have talked with a talented Joao Tiago Aguiar and his Joao Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos team. Joao and the rest of the team are working in Lisbon and have been running their company for more than 12 years. Joao Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos are not only working on numerous architectural projects but also design furniture and lighting for the interior. The team has been published in different national and international architecture magazines, architectural blogs as well as books.


We have asked Joao Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos multiple questions about their work experience so far, tips and tricks while pursuing a career in architecture as well as different sources to find inspiration for projects.


How long have you and your team been working in the architecture field? 

My team and I have been working in the architecture field for about 16 years… (although I’ve been working since more than 20 years, Joao Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos was created in 2004)

What is the most memorable event that happened while you were working?

Probably the 9/11… regarding good things probably our 1st Surface Design Awards win or the opening of the VIP-GRAND LISBOA Hotel & SPA ***** 


What are the main three things that you’ve learned since the launch of Joao Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos?

Always care all projects the same way, either big or small. Be honest and say the truth always and learn how to listen. Never face a new project as the project of your life or you’ll go crazy. Keep in mind It’s just another project…


What are the three tips that you would give to someone who is starting their career in the architecture field?

Be faithful to what you believe but be humble. Never lie or cheat any client and always give your best no matter what size of the project you’re dealing with 


What are the three things that you recommend not to do to someone starting their career in the architecture field?

Never lose the faith in yourself but listen to the others. Don’t sell your soul. Don’t rush, step by step things will go the right way but always give your best.

How do you find work and inspiration?

Thankfully work brings more work. We get emails and phone calls for new commissions. So far thank God we’ve never had to search for it. As for inspiration it can be in so many different things… it can be while travelling, it can be in the street while looking at something, it can be while in the shower in the early morning, from reading something or listening to a good song… so many different things in fact. And of course from other projects, images, a painting or even a good design piece of furniture…


How do you challenge yourself and your team to become better architects?

We try not to repeat ourselves from project to project and always give a singular touch in each project. Always face each project with the same respect and as much love as possible. 

To learn with our mistakes by criticising and analysing the completed projects and trying not to repeat them. Take the good or what we believe is good or best from them and develop it and try to take it one step further

–– João Tiago Aguiar arquitectos

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