Steps for Hiring the Very Best Creative Worker for Your Business

Hiring can be a time-consuming process that does not always bring the desired results. That is why we decided to share a few tips about hiring the best creative professional for a job.

1. Portfolio is the new CV. Look at a creative professional’s work examples in their portfolio to get a good idea about whether they will be able to fulfil your expectations. If the applicant doesn’t have a portfolio or won’t provide access to one, this could be a bad sign. That’s why it’s always better to post job ads on sites with quick access to creative portfolios. Spoiler alert: Skillmill is perfect for that. And it’s entirely FREE.


Creation by FLOV
Creation by FLOV
Creation by FLOV

2. Look in niches. Unlike other specialists, creatives are not necessarily fans of mainstream job sites. They value a sense of community and enjoy frequenting sites offering more than just job offers. These added values include connections, inspiration, and self-improvement. So if your company is in search of pure creativity, avoid the sites designed for all-around job posting. Instead, look on platforms like Skillmill, where thousands of talented creatives are already waiting for your job opportunity.


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Creation by Khrystyna Barabanova

3. Triple check the applicant’s availability. Top-notch talent is in demand everywhere and by everyone. This means that most creatives have lots of projects lining up in their work queue. And even when a creative responds to your job ad, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can start the project right that second. Honestly, this is where most employers are disappointed. To avoid this downfall, always send a message to the applicant before choosing them for the job or project. Use tools such as Skillmill messenger to get a response from potential candidates in no time.

Well, looks like you are ready to hire! Now click the button below and post your job advertisement on the Skillmill platform for free. Thousands of creatives are already waiting to dive into your project.


You are just one step away from hiring an awesome new team member

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