Talent Search Through Niche Digital Channels: What Are the Benefits?

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Online labour and online talent platforms, such as Skillmill have become the most commonly used method of how companies look for and hire wanted talent. Same goes to ways of how workers search and apply for jobs. Online job boards eliminate geographical borders and allow both businesses and working professionals to browse through either talent or work opportunities globally – anywhere where the Internet connection is available. 


Once online job boards took over the HR and employment industry, the number of candidates for each job ad has increased remarkably. It is because online job advertising allows applicants to access all necessary information about both the job role and the company. For example, on Skillmill, businesses can create their free profiles, upload examples of previous projects and briefly describe the company’s story and values. Thus interested parties can make better-informed decisions, and apply for a broad range of vacancies. Moreover, since candidates know the main facts about the job role and the organization before actually applying, online talent boards also tend to shorten the overall hiring process.

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In terms of online labour benefits for companies, McKinsey Global Institute claims that this type of labour “could increase output by up to 9 percent and reduce costs related to talent and human resources by as much as 7 percent.” Besides, businesses that are using online job boards can take advantage of powerful search algorithms and find the right employee immediately. For instance, platforms like Skillmill have such algorithms and filter possible options efficiently, tailored to specific client’s needs.

However, in the current economy’s environment, firms can achieve even higher outcomes by posting their vacancies on niche job boards, rather than the mainstream ones.

By posting vacancies on niche talent platforms, businesses can reach a targeted pool of potential candidates that have high demand in the industry. It is because niche platforms usually have the biggest share of a particular sector’s specialists under one roof. Besides, time searching for the perfect candidate is minimized. For instance, creative job boards like Skillmill already have thousands of creative professionals registered on the platform. Most of these users are browsing through the job board regularly. Therefore, posted vacancies always get lots of awareness and interest.


It is predicted that Coronavirus will only make niche talent platforms more attractive. As companies are re-opening after lockdowns, recruiters are prioritizing quality over quantity. Thus, highly skilled specialists from niche industries will be highly wanted. As a response to both: these predictions and a growing interest in creative services, Skillmill continues to offer all platform’s services completely free of charge.


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However, niche job boards do not only benefit companies. They are also favoured by workers. Such job boards allow users to not only browse through jobs but also to connect with other like-minded professionals. This stimulates networking and collaboration, which are both highly valued by the working public. For example, Skillmill creative opportunities platform allows its users to discover, follow and message each other. Hence, creatives can meet new people, exchange tips, and create various projects together. 


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