Ways to Be More Productive While Working from Home

Happ Home by Natalie PArt

Yes, times are tough. That makes it even more important to stay positive and focus on your goals. But help is on its way: Here are some great ways to support your personal productivity while getting your jobs and projects done at home.

1. Recreate your morning routine – Since you don’t have to get yourself ready and commute to work every morning, it is essential to create a great new morning routine. Listen to what is right for you and figure out what really gets you going. You could start your day with a workout, a brisk walk outside, a yoga practice, or just a simple cup of coffee.

2. Don’t wear pajamas – We get it, we all work from home now… and nobody’s checking. Nonetheless, changing from sleepwear to work clothes will help you be more productive and focused.

3. Set work hours – To maintain your usual work-life balance, you should set yourself a strict (or at least semi-strict) schedule for when you want to work. If your workload is currently reduced, as is the case for many in creative industries right now, try out a 5 or 6-hour workday – again, see what is right for you.

Creation by Florian Japp

4. Be a strong and transparent communicator – Don’t be scared to clarify by going over the tasks you have completed or are still working on with your clients or boss. Most people are working remotely now, and you can influence outcomes through ongoing, clear, and compassionate communication.

5. Talk with your colleagues – Digitally , of course. Working from home, especially during these tough times, can be isolating and lonely. Counteract this by setting up an online chat or video call with your co-workers – maybe it’s even the right time to connect with them personally too, and not just on a work level.

6. Set up a work spaceChoose a spot in your home to dedicate to work. Yes, this can be the kitchen table. But do try to avoid working from bed. That way you’ll have a separate space for relaxation once the business day has ended.

7. Take breaks – Take a lunch break just like you used to and eat healthfully. And don’t forget to take a few minutes away from your computer or go for a walk outside. Just remember to keep your distance from other people.

Graci Muesli by Amalija Andersone
Creation by Amalija Andersone

8. Set rules with others – Many people live with a family, friends, or roommates. Make sure to inform the people you live with of your working hours, and let them know that you can’t be interrupted during that time.

9. Create a pleasant atmosphere – Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Put on your favorite concentration playlist or light a candle. If you can, get ergonomic furniture as well. This could be a good investment considering that working from home might last longer than expected.

10. Close your day with an evening routine – Just as you started your day with a ritual, it is also important to end your day with one – a walk, yoga class, or other type of relaxing activity. Also, try to avoid screen for at least a half hour before sleeping, as eliminating blue light will help ensure you are optimally rested.

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