Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Creative Project

You try to force yourself to come up with a new idea but your mind just draws a blank. This is an experience that almost every creative has been through. And as much as we would like to focus, it is important to remember that the greatest works were not made overnight. Creative minds are complex, and it often takes time and effort to come up with great ideas and develop them into a successful pitch or final project.

On the bright side, there are multiple things you can do to stimulate the flow of your creative juices. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Power walk. Because power naps are so 2019. Getting out of your apartment and spending at least 20–30 minutes walking outside can do wonders. Now you know why the phrase “idea walk” was invented. Or, if you feel like walking doesn’t do the trick, step up your game and try running instead.


Creation by Holger Schimanke

2. Put it on paper (or a doc). Write down every single idea you have about the project. Trust us, sooner or later this list will help you out. There are no bad ideas; sometimes they just need a fresh approach or a different perspective. Writing them down will automatically get your brain to start thinking them through.

3. Background music. Complete silence is only good if you are trying to fall asleep. In most other cases, music helps stimulate thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Listening to music can also help relieve internal pressure and increase focus.

4. Chit chat. Take your mind off things and call a friend, colleague, or family member. It makes time for your subconscious to process information. After a relaxing phone call, you might be surprised by a surge in productivity.

Creation by Chris Close

5. Get a quick workout. Focusing on exercise will also provide time for your subconscious to process ideas. After a good workout, your thoughts will seem brighter and new ideas will pop up quicker.

6. Ask more questions. Maybe a lack of knowledge about the final project goals and exact requirements is blocking your creative process. Don’t be afraid to double-check everything with your boss or client and get additional clarification.

7. Research other people’s work. And definitely don’t mean copy someone else’s ideas! But seeing new work and different perspectives can open up your mind and get the juices flowing.

Creation by Marcello Maugeri

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