Why Collaboration is Necessary

Collaboration is an essential aspect of any creative process. And while it is true that some creatives prefer to do big projects on their own, we would to shed some light on the benefits of creative collaboration and why we are always encouraging creative professionals to network and work together.

Creation by Jubal Battisti

The more ideas, the better. There is a solid reason why strong teams often create successful projects. By collaborating on tasks, more innovative ideas and concepts are developed. In addition, each person’s unique perspective can help the team identify potential opportunities and pitfalls. The old saying is that two minds are better than one. But what about three, four, or even five creative minds working together. We can already feel a fantastic project coming on. Can you?

– Clients value it. Businesses hire creatives to achieve great ideas, professional implementation, and efficiency. All of these outcomes are amplified by collaboration. Besides, working with others strengthens team-playing skills, which is a main aspect employees look for when hiring.

Creation by LAVAMACHINE.  This film agency combines the power of two independent short film animators & illustrators, together creating and teaching VR experiences.

The industry demands it. According to the European Commission (2018), the creative sector needs creatives to network with each other in order to be able to offer more sophisticated products through combining skill sets.

Honest feedback always helps. Collaboration doesn’t mean that you have to work non-stop together with another person. It can also just be asking another creative to share their opinion and give you feedback about your work. By being open with each other and hearing different perspectives, creative professionals can achieve better work results and make useful connections at the same time. Collaboration can also help specialists to break through one of the biggest struggles of work – the creative block.

– Advantages are mutual. It is crystal clear that the side asking for a favor will benefit. However, it is essential to note that the helping hand often also gets a positive outcome. In collaboration, both sides exchange information and knowledge. This means that both parties are learning new things. Also, there is an unwritten rule that when an individual asks for a favor, the helper gets to ask for one later. Creative collaboration generates win-win synergy.

Creation by Rachel McCarthy

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