How to get creative job offers during the pandemic

Creative employment has been on the rise for numerous years, however, once the pandemic started, it became harder than ever for creative professionals to land a new position or get new projects. This is why the Skillmill team is sharing a couple of tips and strategies on how you can get new career opportunities even when companies are posting fewer job offers than before.


Do not wait for the vacancy to appear

Many companies are currently facing tough financial times. Thus, their focus is now to keep the firm afloat rather than expand the team. Nevertheless, creative services are known for efficiently helping businesses to get awareness, increase in sales, and get a bigger market share. Thus, if you have a list of companies where you would like to get a job, do some research and see how your talent could help the company. Then, look for HR or management members of the firm and send them an email describing yourself and how you could help them. 


Try to discover new sectors while searching for a job

Creative agencies and production companies are usually the first sites where creatives look for new career opportunities, however, during the pandemic, it might not be the best approach. The whole industry has changed completely and companies who used to dominate are now struggling. Thus, brainstorm which sectors are now on the rise and are actively hiring. For example, there has been a tremendous increase in vacancies for almost all creative fields in the pharmacy and healthcare sectors.

State clearly how skilled you are in remote work

While pandemic caused lots of downsides in employment, it has dramatically increased the use of remote work. Thus, now you can apply for projects beyond your region, city and even country. However, it is essentially important to show in your CV and personal statement that you are skilled in remote work. Hence, don’t forget to mention not only your knowledge of various meeting platforms but also show your excellent communication skills.


Network. But make it unique.

Even though sending a direct message to the company’s recruiters is a good idea, it is important to note that the majority of job seekers think this way. Thus, this is the time to show the best copywriting and persuasion skills, and stand out of the crowd. Make sure to mention not only what you achieved in your career so far, but how your skills will help the company and why you are contacting them specifically. Besides, despite contacting new recruiters, don’t forget those with whom you potentially interacted in the past.


Show flexibility. With time and money

Once you start drafting your creative service offer to potential recruiters, don’t forget to describe your flexibility. While some companies currently prioritize lower rates, flexibility with payments and your working time is also highly important. Thus, you can consider offering partial payments which would allow your client or recruiter to pay at specific intervals. Moreover, you can also think about contract flexibility, and whether you would be up for signing a temporary contract first. 


Know where to look

If companies or clients decide that they would like to hire a creative professional, they will most likely use the niche job boards rather than the mainstream ones. Hence, register on creative career platforms such as Skillmill and get automated emails to your inbox when vacancies that match your profile is posted.


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